Market Finding™, a different take on brands, people and markets

This fast moving time you need to look differently, and act differently. SAMR offers that with market finding™. A unique discipline that combines human insights, data creativity, design thinking, strategy & innovation en interim solutions.

Market finders provide fact-based insights and set the agenda. It is a philosophy that gives you a different take on brands, people and markets. And once we see it, that’s when it really starts: we actually make things happen. So that you will grab all of your opportunities.

SAMR Interim Solutions

Interim solutions for data, marketing en communicatie.

SAMR Design Lab

Innovations based on design thinking

SAMR Data Creatives

Your data is where your opportunities lie. Search, find and combine data.

SAMR Strategy & Innovation

Get your organization moving

Samr articles

Knowledge is something you need to share, check out the insights of our experts

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