Bye bye, old models

These are fascinating times. Never before things have been changing in such rapid succession, both within and outside of organization. How do you find or keep a relevant positioning of your brand or product in such an environment?

Traditional market research and strategy models fail to grab the new market opportunities. It’s time for a new take on today’s issues from a client, market and organization perspective.

Time for: market finding

A discipline right in the middle of today’s world. Looking at things differently, doing things differently. Market finders give fact-based insights, direction and get you and your organization moving.
This comprehensive approach is reflected by our strategic model:

SAMR Data Creatives

Your data is where your opportunities lie. Search, find and combine data.

SAMR Customer Behaviour

Learn to understand the behaviour of your customers

SAMR Design Lab

Innovations based on design thinking

SAMR Strategy & Implementation

Get your organization moving

Samr articles

Knowledge is something you need to share, check out the insights of our experts

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