Today’s clients want to be treated like a person.
If you want to communicate person to person, you need to look at your organization as a person too. Therefore, 360SAMR looks at your organization in a unique way.

The life of organizations evolves around 4 Ps:
Position: find your home base
Passion: what’s your dream
Promise: a story, your added value
Proof: the power to achieve

If there is a good balance between these 4 Ps, we are our best selves. We are truly alive. No matter if we’re a person or an organization.

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Out of balance

Still, life, society, customers, markets and organizations change. Disruption is always lurking. We are losing our balance. Questions raise.  Are we still relevant? Does our current culture still suit us? We no longer have a story to tell. Our market share is suffering.

That’s Life. You’re looking to reconnect with the market.

The solution

The tendency is tinkering with one of the 4 Ps. But the 4 Ps combined are what make us unique..  360SAMR™ looks at the overall picture of all Ps. Zooming out before zooming in.

This comes down to two simple, yet crucial basic questions.
Are we doing the right things?
And also:
Are we doing these things right?


No fighting of symptoms, but an all-encompassing approach.

Our promise

Direction and action perspective, ánd the movement towards it.

Nice projects

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View this case

Tennet's communication process continuously improved

Direct Feedback for Tennet
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PGOsupport proves its relevance to the Minister

Research monitor for PGOsupport
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The Ymere Marketing & Concept Development Team found its new ambition with 360SAMR™

360SAMR™ for Ymere
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Achmea’s NPS made perfect with SAMR Direct Feedback.

Direct Feedback for Achmea

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