The perfect solution for your organization

It may be that you don’t have the right people on board. Sometimes you don’t need to actually employ them. Sometimes you don’t have the means to do so. Fact is, sometimes you want more than an agency that performs your projects remotely. What you need is an in-home solution.

SAMR Interim Solutions offers you that solution – the name says it all. We will provide the perfect candidate for your marketing and communication issue. It can be anything. From a well-defined project, to setting up an entire department. The solution will depend on your needs.

Who will be working for you?

We have a vast network of specialists. In some cases, a ‘SAMR’ will come and work for you. In other cases, it will be a freelancer, or someone who will be temporarily employed by you. A junior, medior or senior: it’s all possible. We will look at what suits your organization and your issue. All our people have one thing in common: they will come and help you get the best out of your organization.