Commerical testing (Add+Impact)

The opportunity to perfect your campaign

Offline or online, any advertising campaign calls for a considerable investment. But you are doing it for a good reason: you need to put your brand in the spotlights. Sometimes you succeed in doing so, sometimes you don’t. You are calling, and no one is listening. It happens to two out of every three campaign-makers. We think that’s a shame, and it isn’t necessary. SAMR helps you to prevent this from happening. Know for sure that your campaign will do exactly what you need it to do. Even before you launch your campaign. We call it Add+Impact.



In your advert, you make a promise to your customers. That promise needs to hit the mark. This will only happen if you strike the right note for your target group. By testing. Among your target group. And by distilling your opportunities from this. Based on experience and expertise, a good proposition really affects people. Add+Impact will do exactly that. Qualitative and quantitative. With a benchmark of over 6,000 advertisements worldwide, we can place the outcomes in perspective.


We will evaluate your advert on four aspects:

  • Attention: Does your adverts grab people’s attention?
  • Brand bonding: does the advert connect the brand with the consumer?
  • Branding: is the connection between the brand and the advert strong enough?
  • Take-out: does the advert communicate the right message?


Add+Impact allows you to tweak things before the launch of the campaign. To fine-tune. And then you can be sure your advert will hit the mark. You know for sure that heads will turn. The right heads. For the right reasons. Your campaign will reach its full potential.

Reputation research

A grip on your reputation

Nothing is more valuable than a good reputation. And with SAMR Reputation Research you get to know and improve the perception that your customers have of you. Not with a simple survey, but by using the 360SAMR™ model, which looks at all aspects surrounding your brand. The result: insights, direction and perspective. In other words: grip.

Your organization’s reputation is an important part of your customers’ consideration to choose you. And you will surely have an idea of your reputation. To what extent does it differ from your desired image? Is the perception correct? And do you know what you need to work on and where your opportunities lie?

It’s time for SAMR reputation research. Not a superficial survey, but a profound study that provides real insights.

A holistic perspective

SAMR reputation research charts your reputations with great precision. From a holistic perspective, because reputation is based on many different aspects. For this, we use quantitative research as well as qualitative methods.

Our reputation model is based on 360SAMR™.

In short, we will answer these questions:

Are we doing the right things?

  • Are we visible, leading, do we stand out?
  • What is our story, our added value?

Are we doing these things right?

  • Are we involved, inspired and reliable?
  • Are we able to make good on our promises?

Outside-in and inside-out

In three phases – discovery, development, delivery – we will paint a complete picture of your organization. Concrete insights that give you a sense of direction and perspective. Outside-in and inside-out are matched. You will know exactly what work should be done to improve your reputation. SAMR Reputation research will give you a grip on your reputation and put you on the road towards a solid reputation.

Brand positioning (Brandnext™)


The world in your grasp: this is the position of your brand, and that is where the opportunities lie. Opportunities for your brand

You are building your brand, day in day out. From the people behind the reception desk to general management, everyone knows what they should project to your customers. But you want more. You want your brand to grow and you are looking for great opportunities to achieve this. For this, you will need to know what your customers really think of you. You want to chart your brand position.

The Brandnext™ model will do this for you. And there’s more. Your competitors will not sit still, so you want to know how your brand is performing relative to them. This is why Brandnext™ will also chart your positioning and the brain position relative to your competition. Invaluable information if you want to spot opportunities in the market.

Subconscious customer behaviour

Brandnext™ is based on a universal psychosocial model of human functioning. We do not ask bog standard questions, we probe. We don’t just look for deliberate behaviour and perceptions, but probe for what lies beneath. This makes Brandnext™ perfectly suited for charting the different need segments within a market.

We will chart your brand completely. Literally, in a visually appealing way. And there’s more. In a workshop, we will be implementing the results. Together with your entire team. So that everyone will see the opportunities and be inspired to go and grab them.