Customer Cube

How to use data to get even more satisfied employees and customers

You have nice NPS and CES scores. And yet… do these scores tell you all you need to know? Unfortunately, they don’t. Fact is, customers do not recognize themselves in the customer focus you take so much pride in. This is not surprising if you realize that many customer-centric organizations mainly manage for turnover. And you don’t want this. You want your client to feel truly valued.

Real customer-centric enterprise, that’s what you want. So, what should you do? The great thing is, that you probably already have all you need to find out. That’s right: your data.

Linking data = adding value

Many organizations are simply failing to make good use of their data. Because the information is spread over different departments. Think of your NPS and CES scores. Your CRM and customer data. The information from your employee research. And the value of and for customers.

At SAMR we know that this data will only really have value if you link it. We will clearly show you these links. We call it the Customer Cube. It will tell you exactly in which ‘cube’ your organization can be found.

And you will know the KPIs of the future. You will know exactly how to get your organization moving. Is your employee involvement too low? Is it the customer value? Of is there something wrong with your customer satisfaction? Concrete opportunities for improvement. Within and outside of your company. That’s how you will make a difference for your customer. That’s is how you will achieve your organizational goals.

Download the whitepaper Customer Cube here (in dutch).

Direct Feedback

The world today: learning from every contact, from every customer.

Any customer contact provides an opportunity. And with today’s technology these contacts are more personal than ever before. SAMR’s Direct Feedback Dashboard will give your people a permanent grip on their customer contacts. How do you know whether your customers are genuinely pleased and satisfied with their contacts with your organization? By always asking for and analysing feedback. With every customer. Enter: Direct Feedback.

Direct Feedback

A customer who tells you what he thinks in his own words. That’s how you learn. There’s no amount of figures that can beat that.

Direct FeedbackWith SAMR Direct Feedback the entire organization will learn from all customer contacts. Improving loyalty by means of a one-on-one approach. Your customer satisfaction will go up fast, just you wait.

Every employee can see where his opportunities lie in their own dashboard. Not just in digits, in stories too. They will hear what can be improved straight from the client’s mouth. What should be changed. But also – and this is very important – what they are doing right. Image what it will do to your employees if they here why a customer was so happy with them.

It is an opportunity to become a little better every day

A customer who tells you what he thinks in his own words. That’s how you learn. No amount of figures can beat that.

Offering yourself and your employees the opportunity to improve. Continuously. With every client. You will see this reflected in customer retention. In customer satisfaction. In your ROI.

SAMR Direct Feedbac

Direct Feedback


Customer journey mapping

Grabbing every opportunity to get noticed

The principle behind Customer Journey Mapping is perfectly simple: make sure that you are there every time a client starts a journey. Not just to be found, but also to be there once the customer is on board.

Your client is looking for the best. He will start on Google. Will check comparison websites. Will ask around.

One leg of his journey is already behind him once he comes to your company. But even if he is unable to find your company, that leg of the journey is already covered. And he failed to find you. That’s an opportunity you should have grabbed. But you never saw it coming. Or you weren’t paying attention. A missed opportunity.

SAMR makes sure that you do spot these contact moments. When? Why? How will customers seek contact? Customers go on a journey and will get into contact with your brand at different times, for different reasons. Directly or indirectly. Together we will join the customer on his journey and chart the possible contact moments.

Joining them on their journey

Knowing how your customer move around your company. This will open doors. We help you anticipate. A positive experience will increase loyalty and conversion for your brand.

In our approach, you will not be left at the side line. You will join them on their journey. Experiencing the customer journey is what it’s all about. Because who better to tell you what the customer journey is like than the customers themselves? This also means that we will strike up a conversation with the customers. Think: speed dates and workshops with you and your customers. And we look around the corner, to see the contact moments that do not take place directly within your company. All with a focus on brand perception.

This will allow your customers to tell you exactly how they feel, what they expect and what they would want. And if you know what your customers feel, you can get your organization moving. Because you have seen it with your own eyes. That input helps you make choices. Make targeted improvements. SAMR helps you grab these opportunities.

Customer satisfaction research

Let your customers tell their story and tighten your grip

Is your customer happy? Not that happy? Is he on the verge of switching? Customer feedback is a must for customer-centric organizations. But how do you handle it? Direct Feedback, NPS, CES? Honestly, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. So, what to choose? At SAMR we are experts on how, when and how often you should measure customer satisfaction. With more than thirty years of experience under our belt we know: let the customers tell their own stories.

The power of stories

We believe in the power of stories. It’s nice if you get a high NPS, but what about the customers that gave you a lower score? How do you change them into satisfied customer, promoters, even? A score won’t tell you that. A story will.

What’s great, is that customers love sharing their stories. This is why we work with short, but powerful questionnaires. First and foremost, we want to give the customer the opportunity to tell us what they want, in their own words. Tell us what makes them happy. What they expect from you. These stories will tell you ten times more than a score. They will you exactly where your opportunities lie. And so… you can get busy!