Out-of-Hours (GP) Service Satisfaction Research

The Out-of-Hours (GP) Service measured perfectly

For Out-of-Hours Services we offer Out-Of-Hours Service satisfaction research, which provides a structural measurement of the quality of care provided by centralised out-of-hours services. We developed this research model together with the services, so that it provides the perfect way to chart patient satisfaction.


Out-of-Hours Services are legally obliged to measure patient satisfaction on a regular basis to be able to optimize the quality of care provided. Based on our many years of experience, we know like no other how to establish this perceived satisfaction. We ensure that the patient is actually able to share his story. These stories contain a wealth of information based on which the care can be improved.

More than just the patient

SAMR Out-Of-Hours Service Satisfaction does more than just measure from a patient perspective. The patient will tell you a lot, but we prefer to go a little further. We feel that for true insight into quality improvements you need to do more. Therefore, we also look at the perception of GPs and staff (both front and back office). With a set of fixed basic questions and the possibility to add a few tailored ones.

Our questionnaires are compact, unambiguous, appealing and tailored to the target group. This is the foundation of good research. An overall picture to optimize the care provided by the Out-of-Hours Service.

Out-of-Hours Service Satisfaction Monitor

Each year, the Out-of-Hours Service satisfaction monitor is made available to all participating Out-of-Hours Services. In the Out-of-Hours Service satisfaction monitor we publish the average score on standard questions put to the Out-of-Hours Services included in the survey. The results are published per target group (patients, GPs, triage staff, office staff). Comparing their own quality with the performance of other Out-of-Hours Services is very instructive and gives a differentiated picture of the scores.

The benefits of SAMR Out-of-Hours Services research:

  • 360° feedback
  • Tailored questions (E.g. about subjects that are typical of your own Out-of-Hours Service)
  • No unnecessary identification questions
  • Additional insight by using explanations
  • Feedback on the overall perception (based on multiple contacts)
  • Choice of participating patients (digital or paper)
  • The house style of the Out-of-Hours Service
  • Annual Out-of-Hours satisfaction monitor

Pulse survey

Finding out what people want straight away

Employee research is valuable, but time-consuming. Sometimes you want information straight away. For example, in period of extreme workloads. SAMR’s online Pulse Survey is a quick intermediate measurement that allows you to take action based on the sentiment of the day.

Spot and adapt

Sometimes you need to know how your people feel immediately. For example, if they are under a lot of pressure at work. Or if some change is imminent. Or you might want to measure the progress of improvement plans. You want to be able to act quickly.

In these cases, Pulse research could be a good solution. An intermediate, online measure that gives insight into relevant issues quickly. For the entire organization or a single business unit.


SAMR’s Pulse Survey allows you to quickly submit a number of statements or insights to your employees. These can be statements from your periodic employee survey, or statements concerning some current event. You can also include an open-ended option, so that your people can tell you how they feel in their own words.

SAMR Pulse research is done through a fast & easy online survey. At a time that suits you.

Customer arena (Connect & Inspire)

The opportunity everyone fails grab: talk to your customers

The customer takes centre stage: your employees know this. But do they really feel it? Chances are not all of them do. And it’s not something you can expect from someone who spends his days behind a desk and never talks to customers or has followed the same routine for years. A Connect & Inspire session breaks through such a status quo. Sit down and have a conversation with your client; this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

A customer-centric philosophy. At SAMR we know that you cannot force this on people with targets. You can’t encourage it with empty words and KPIs. You encourage it by doing it. Giving people the opportunity to grow. Connect & Inspire is all about acting. We bridge the gap between employees and customers through a direct confrontation. In the same, inspiring room.

Customers can inspire you

You would like your employees to be the show-piece of your organization. Proud of their company. Focused on their customers. Contributing ideas. But they are not robots. You can’t tell them how to feel. They are people. People you can inspire.

Led by SAMR, customers and employees get to know each other. What do you customers experience when dealing with your employees. In a positive but also a negative respect. If your customers share this with you in person, your employees will really take it on board. It’s something you will think about when you’re back at work. What will it bring? Enthusiasm and inspiration. The ability to empathize with the customer. They may be empty words now, but they will become real in practice.

“The clients were very positive too. That’s special. Turns out that clients appreciate the fact that as an organization you’re not afraid to show your vulnerabilities. And that you’re genuinely interested in their situation.”
Mirte van Deursen, Research & Intelligence RTL Nederland

“Connect & Inspire allowed us to look at this partnership in a different way. I liked the variety during the session. First listen and observe, and then start the conversation. This made the session fascinating straight away. The enthusiasm and energy were incredible. I really recommend these sessions.”
Christiaan Buitenhuis, Interpolis

Employee research

Motivated employees… loyal customers

SAMR does not perform employee satisfaction studies. We are all about employee motivation. Because motivation is the key factor that helps your personnel grab today’s opportunities.

The days of employee satisfaction research are long gone. Why? Because even if an employee is perfectly satisfied, that does not mean he is also highly motivated. Employee motivation is the foundation of success for every organization. The employees are the face of the organization and they are pivotal in the experience of your customers. And motivated employees perform better, have lower absence rates and will recommend the organization. Not to mention the commercial interests:

Motivated employees will get you more satisfied and more loyal customers, they work more efficiently, are more creative and they help the organization grow with their innovative ideas.

Do your employees really feel that they are part of your organization and do they want to make every effort to make it a success?


In our employee motivation studies, we ask questions about independence, work-life balance, work climate, job satisfaction, work content, work environment, managers and benefits. In addition, we ask about the culture and the enthusiasm employees feel for the organization. We are looking for their willingness to contribute to the organization’s success and the drivers behind their motivation. This is different for every organization, which is why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all research. Every study is customized and geared for your organization.

There is no leaning back during this research. The more actively involved the organization gets in the research, the more successful it will be. And all of this starts with the draft of the questionnaire. And what’s even more important: engaging the employees. Tell them of the importance – especially for them, individually – of the research, and get them involved right from the word go. This will up the response rate.

Employee research will provide information and insight into the things that are going well. And it tells what could be improved and what should be done to make employees (even) more motivated. The results are presented per team. This is what will bring the results to life, across the organization. It will all be focused on dialogue, so that every team can draw up a list of action items. Now you can get started. Because the employee research is not a goal per se. It is a means to an end: the continuous improvement of employee satisfaction.

Employee research at sheltered workshops

Research among employees of sheltered workshops calls for a different approach, and special expertise. We have over twenty years of experience in research for sheltered workshops (previously the Service Check), and have performed employee research for over thirty-five of such workshops. We work with the standard questionnaire by SBCM.

Want to know more about employee satisfaction research at sheltered workshops? Contact Irene Klein Bog (06 28 78 38 45).