Omnibus survey (SAMR Scope)

A grip on your opportunities: consumer views at a low price

You have an idea. You are completely convinced it’s a great one. This one will work. And yet… to be absolutely sure, you want to know what the most important people think: your customers. But how? Through expensive and time-consuming research? SAMR will help you find your opportunities fast and efficiently with the SAMR Scope. At a fixed price, you can ask a representation of the Netherlands one or a few questions.

Get an answer to your questions in a straightforward way. An answer that will yield very valuable information for your organization. An answer that will help you spot your opportunities.

The advantages of the SAMR Scope:

  • Ask consumers one or more questions in an easy manner.
  • With an option to monitor a small set of questions periodically.
  • Standard design: every week, the fieldwork, involving 250 respondents (who are representative of the Netherlands), will start on Monday.
  • Fast lead time: a question you thought of on Friday can often be included in the survey on Monday.

What will it cost?

1 week (N=250) 2 weeks (N=500) 3 weeks (N=750) 4 weeks (N=1000)
Open-end € 250 € 500 € 750 € 1.000
Closed question € 125 € 250 € 375 € 500
Grid with 4 statements € 250 € 500 € 750 € 1.000

*starting rate: €250.

What will you get?

  • Open-end: list of all the answers to the open-ended questions in Word
  • Closed question: table of results
  • Grid with 4 statements: table of results

Motivational segmentation (BSR™)

Why do people do what they do? Your opportunity to understand people.

Why does one family travel through Tibet with their toddler, while others go to a bungalow park with a tropical swimming pool? Why do some young couples live on a houseboat in Amsterdam, while others prefer a terraced house in a newly built estate? They answer is: the same socio-demographics, but different lifestyles. And the BSR™ model will help you grasp these lifestyles.


We believe in the power of lifestyles in explaining – and thus influencing – human behaviour. Our scientific Brand Strategy Research (BSR™) model unraveles the driving forces of people. And not only that. It then tells you exactly what you need to do, to get people moving. What proposition, which message, which tone of voice, which channel. And that offers opportunities. For instance, a higher conversion.

Knowing is fun, but applying is better.

Map of the Netherlands

The Netherlands has four lifestyles. We call it the red (creative), yellow (harmonious), blue (controlling) and green (safe) way of life. This will help you to know your target audience. Even behind the mailbox. With our nationwide geo-psychographic database (SmartGIS), we know the BSR™ lifestyle of all households in the Netherlands. A database that we are proud of, and which gets better every day.

The BSR ™ model tells you two things: What to do. And why you have to do that.

Knowing which BSR™ lifestyle you have? Do the test (in Dutch).