Innovation projects

Experience Makers (Them Three)

Your chance to break away from routine practice

Whether you want to sell more products, improve your sales, change the behaviour of your own people or serve your target group even better: the new Millennials’ take on things will help you out. Them Three: the new generation of behaviour influencers. Grabbing opportunities, the SAMR way.

You are looking for a genius solution for influencing your customers and employees in a positive way. You have brainstormed like mad, and looked for the Golden Egg in scrum sessions. No wonder you are so frustrated when all you come up with is some stale solution that everyone will shoot holes in straight away. Endless reasoning and creating within the same patterns. You just can’t seem to break through your set ways. You want to escape them.

The big question is: how do you get to an innovative and effective solution?

Them Three are the answer.

A multi-disciplinary team of millennials. A new generation. With fresh eyes and creativity in spades. Future-focused. With up-to-date knowledge, but most of all: without limiting patterns. Always looking for the perfect solution.

Surprise and Innovate

We are changers of behaviour. We want to surprise and innovate. With solutions and projects that are an experience and that are a perfect match with the opportunities inside and outside of your organization. Without noise, but with deep roots in data, behaviour and design.

We will get involved with the target group, go on one-day work safaris, brainstorm on the beach. We immerse ourselves in the context, talk to the experts and conceptualize at a coffee place. For three months, we will be experts in your domain. Only without getting bogged down in the rules and frameworks of your organization.

Three wild concepts

We do work at the office, but mostly, we work away from it. We do so from an extreme user perspective and with plenty of creativity in each phase of our process. After three months, we will give you three wild concepts, that you can implement straight away. With guaranteed connection and change in behaviour.

We break through the rut, bring heaps of creativity with us and offer you real, effective and innovative solutions.

Are you unafraid to things differently?


Concept- en producttesting

Finally, you will get a grip on a successful introduction

Knowing for sure whether your new product will be a success: it’s possible. The SAMR product and concept test will give you a clear answer: go, no-go or adjustments required. With clear handles for positioning and communication. How? Thanks to our unique method, knowledge of consumers and: many years of experience with other introductions.

Top or Flop

Many product innovations will fail and will disappear from the shop shelves quietly. It’s a waste of time, money and effort you put into the related development and communication.

The SAMR product and concept tests will ensure that you know where your opportunities lie. Top? Or flop? You will have your answer in no time at all.

Is it a good idea, but do you need to sharpen the execution? Does it taste great, but is your packaging a disaster? In less than no time you will know how you can introduce a superb product. And you will also get handles for its positioning and communication.


The SAMR product and concept tests get their quality from how we translate our consumer knowledge based on a unique method: the funnel method. For this, we will start with at the core (client need) and go via the product benefits to the reason to believe, the product’s credibility. Then, we will benchmark the results with the many products we have tested over the years. This gives you a clear picture of the product’s potential.

With a SAMR product and concept test you will get a clear picture that will make the go/no go decision (or the need to make adjustments) easy.

For many years, we have been testing product introductions for Dutch marketing journal Tijdschrift voor Marketing: Top or Flop. You can read all about these tests here (in Dutch).