Concept- en producttesting

Finally, you will get a grip on a successful introduction

Knowing for sure whether your new product will be a success: it’s possible. The SAMR product and concept test will give you a clear answer: go, no-go or adjustments required. With clear handles for positioning and communication. How? Thanks to our unique method, knowledge of consumers and: many years of experience with other introductions.

Top or Flop

Many product innovations will fail and will disappear from the shop shelves quietly. It’s a waste of time, money and effort you put into the related development and communication.

The SAMR product and concept tests will ensure that you know where your opportunities lie. Top? Or flop? You will have your answer in no time at all.

Is it a good idea, but do you need to sharpen the execution? Does it taste great, but is your packaging a disaster? In less than no time you will know how you can introduce a superb product. And you will also get handles for its positioning and communication.


The SAMR product and concept tests get their quality from how we translate our consumer knowledge based on a unique method: the funnel method. For this, we will start with at the core (client need) and go via the product benefits to the reason to believe, the product’s credibility. Then, we will benchmark the results with the many products we have tested over the years. This gives you a clear picture of the product’s potential.

With a SAMR product and concept test you will get a clear picture that will make the go/no go decision (or the need to make adjustments) easy.

For many years, we have been testing product introductions for Dutch marketing journal Tijdschrift voor Marketing: Top or Flop. You can read all about these tests here (in Dutch).

Implementation projects


Gets organizations moving

The SAMR market finders will not stop after their market research, data analysis and recommendations. These are all valuable, but they’re only the beginning. We are all about development. Fact-based. From a new strategy, positioning or a concept to internal acceptance. Anything you need to achieve and retain a valuable market position. This is about so much more than just pointing the way. We get on board, and help you and your organization to change tack towards that ‘dot on the horizon’.

An eye for your organization, inside and out.

We do so not just by sharing our experience in strategy and proposition development, but also our expertise in change management and organizational development. Because the sustainable development of your organization calls for both.

Multi-discipline team

No two organizations are the same. In strategic processes, there is no one-size-fits-all. The goal is clear, the path towards it can be very different. What works are multi-discipline teams. With your own people and ours. In some cases, our consultants will work on an ad interim basis, and sometimes we call in the help of a specialist from out network. But whatever the path: we will walk it together, at least for a while. The best of both worlds combined for the best result.

SAMR Strategy & Implementation helps you develop and grab opportunities.


360SAMR™ 100 days process


Diagnosis, direction and movement

A different take on today’s issues. Doing things differently. That’s our philosophy. 360SAMR™ is what we call it. In short, it means combining data and insights from various perspectives. It will not just point the way, it gets organizations and people moving.

The incredible speed of changes heading our way today means that we are continuously facing new challenges. To stay relevant, the urge to innovate is stronger than ever. There is a strong inclination to start tinkering with a few individual elements. Yet an organization is not a collection of individual elements. It is a whole. Our 360SAMR™ model zooms out. We look at the whole picture. The overall approach that comes with it, is what we call the 360SAMR™ ‘100 days’ process.

No fighting of symptoms

In one hundred days, we will give your organization insight into the state of all the different building blocks of your organization; the 4 Ps. What area contributes to your problem the most? What are possible solutions? In the short and the longer term. A complete toolbox of interventions is at your disposal. It’s about finding an intervention that suits your organization. We show you the desired development and take the first steps on the road towards that development.

No two processes are alike, even though the goal is always: how do I (re-)establish a valuable position for my organization, team, brand or product in today’s turbulent world. No fighting of symptoms, but an all-encompassing approach in three phases:

360SAMR™ in 100 days. From exploration to implementation.