Geo Psychographic Information (dashboard)

SAMR Profile Portal

The SAMR Profile Portal visualizes data. It does so in a way that gives you an easy grasp of the opportunities that data offers you.

Your opportunities at a glance

Your customer profile is set off against the rest of the Netherlands or your particular catchment area. This will make it clear at a glance how your customers are related to your catchment area. What your catchment area is. What your penetration rate is.

SAMR Profile Portal is ideal for organizations with multiple locations or outlets. Within a few clicks you can compare different locations. This will show you where the opportunities lie per outlet or location.

Predictive modelling

Data creativity shows tomorrow’s opportunities

Which prospects provide the best opportunities? Is it useful to open a location in that hip, on-the-rise neighbourhood? What product range suits my customers best? Any marketer will recognize these types of questions. And Predictive Modelling will give the answer. Fact-based, using data.

From gut feeling to certainty

You have a plan; a plan involving prospects, new locations, potential members or sponsors, for example. You want to know whether your plan stands a chance. Maybe your experience will go a long way, but you need more to rely on than just your gut feeling. You want certainty.

Certainty is what we offer. And more than that, we offer you new insights as well. With Predictive Modelling. This is how it works.

It all starts with data.

To arrive at a predictive model, we make an inventory of available data. Both within and outside of your organization. To find these data we use advanced technology. And we determine the quality of the data, because not all data is suited as a predictor. An important part of the process is the structuring of data. Which data do and don’t we use, do we have enough data, is the data reliable, is it complete?

Data creativity

Once they’ve completed this thorough preliminary work, our data creatives get started. Because having good data is one thing, using it for prediction is something altogether different. You need know-how. Experience. Creativity. It is this added value our data creatives offer.

With their tremendous know-how and creativity, they will build a model that will give you more insight into what connects the different variables. This will tell you what the impact will be of a change in your product range. Or it tells you how to calculate the response to a mailing. Or even how to predict your turnover. In short: it will give you the answer to your questions. Certainty.

You can grab tomorrow’s opportunities based on sound data and the right interpretation. That’s Predictive Modelling.

Big Data Solutions


Your data is where your opportunities lie.
And ours.

There are mountains of data. Within and outside of your company. And they offer plenty of opportunities. So, as an organization you need to consider this. But how? How can you use data in your organization?

Creating value

People often don’t know what big data can do for them. This is what is gets us excited. We love it. Because we know exactly where to look and what to look for. We will show the incredible possibilities that data can offer. By looking, finding and connecting we will create value. This is how we establish links where you didn’t see any before.


By diving into the data ever deeper, ever more connections will be uncovered. All of these connections and technological developments allow us to use data as a predictor (predictive modelling). It’s not a crystal ball: it’s a science-based calculation of your chances.

This is how we increase your ROI. Optimum return on your data.

But wait, there’s more.

Did you know that we also own a plethora of data? Psychographic data for all of the Netherlands, as well as all sociodemographic variables. You won’t find the two combined anywhere else. And it is this combination of data that makes it so valuable. There’s nothing we enjoy doing more than combine our data with yours and with open data. Just wait to see the incredible opportunities that will be opened up!

Free data scan

We are happy to visit you for a free data scan. You will know straight away what the SAMR data creatives can do for your organization.